Conference Presentations

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Joyce Valenza's presentations

Tips and Tricks for Becoming an Award-winning Library

 Ellen Lawrence, Library Director, Hinsdale South High School and Kathy Krepps, Library Director, Hinsdale Central High School

50 Websites to Help You and Engage Students - Chris Balsano, Dominican Universtiy

Blog This, Abe Lincoln - Allison Cabaj, Hinsdale Central High School
MAE documentation 2012.pdf

Doug Johnson - workshops 

Pinterest: Using Popular Social Media to Promote Your Library, Gretchen Zaitzeff, University High School, Normal

Become SMARTer in the LMC: Beyond the Basics of SMART sortware - Natalie Hoyle, Dawn Vieira, Blaire Ranucci, Indian Prairie School Dist. #204

Become SMARTer in the LMC_ISLMA 2012.pdf.pdf

IPSD 204 Smartboard Tutorial.pdf

Reliable Researching in the 21st Century - Glenn Gotrik, Buffalo Grove H.S., Mike Kic, Rolling Meadows H.S. 

Reliable Researching in the 21st Century.pdf

Research @ the Core of Learning - Allison Cabaj, Hinsdale Central H.S. and Alicia Duell, Riverside Brookfield H.S.

Live-n up Your Morning Announcements - Mary Morgan Ryan, Oak School

K-5 Primary version of YGTRT.pdf 

K-5 Weather Report Plan.pdf 

K-5 We're Live Equipment List.pdf 

You've Got to Read this Display Sign.pdf 

You've Got to Read This!.pdf 

Be On Screen - Linda Diekman, Roosevelt School and Linda Straube, New Trier High School

Super Searching - Linda Diekman, Roosevelt School and Mary Kelly, West School, Glencoe

Everyday Advocacy - Linda Diekman, Roosevelt School

iPads, GoogleForms, and Print: Integrating Research - Linda Diekman, Roosevelt School

Information Literacy? What is That? Presenting a Professional Development Workshop for Teachers - Mary Morgan Ryan, Oak School, Becky Haagsma, Prospect School, Jill Berry, Elm School, Hinsdale

Patron Power - Kimberly Osko, Lily Lake Grade School

Partnering to Create Change for OUR Common Core - Janine Asmus, Leyden H.S. Dist.,  Susan Peterson, East Leyden, and Denise Monegato, West Leyden


Comics in Context - Corrie Ball, Wildrose Elementary School

S.A.L.S.A. - Spanish Award-winning Literature Seminar for All - Lois LaGalle, Calmeca Academy, CPS, Dorsey Chambers, CPS

Take a Bite Out of the Common Core! - Dorsey Chambers, CPS, Connie Amon, Galileo Scholastic Academy, Natalie Kendall, Greeley Elementary

Website Evaluation and Collaboration - Jennifer Bromann-Bender, Lincoln-Way West H.S.

Web Site Evaluation[1].pdf 

Web Site Evaluation[1].docx

Web Site Evaluation.pdf  (PPT)

2013 Bluestem Nominees - Lane Young, North Shore Country Day School, Michelle Johnson, Indian Prairie School District, and Brian Wilson, Evanston Public Library 

ISLMA Conference 12 Bluestem presentation.pdf

Accessing and Using the Bluestem Wiki.pdf

Cool Tools for Digital Storytelling and More! - Michelle Johnson and Carrie Ory, Indian Prairie School District #204

Too Cool for School? Learn How to Get Free CPDUs with WebJunction Illinois! - Jeanna Vahling and Lesley Zavediuk, Illinois Heartland Library System 

Too Cool for School_You Can Earn CPDUs by Taking WebJunction Illinois Courses.pptx.pdf

Danielson Framework for School Librarians - Jeremy Dunn, CPS, Connie Amon, Galileo Academy, Francelia Herron, South Shore Prep 

CPS Framework for Teacher-librariansFINAL.docx

CPS Framework for Teacher-librariansFINAL.pdf

How Do I - Domain Discussion Questions.doc

How Do I - Domain Discussion Questions.pdf

Framework_for_Teaching_Companion Guide_07.27.12.pdf

Formative Common Core Assessments in the LMC - Rhonda Bauer, Nancy Hill Elementary, Lori Jones, Hall Elementary

School Librarian Modeling Intellectual Freedom - Barbara Fiehn, Western Kentucky University and Rebecca Butler, Northern Illinois University 

modeling ethics PPT 2012 ISLMA.pdf

The Opportunities and Challenges of 1:1 -   Amy Lingafelter and Eva Thurman-Keup, Joliet West

Media Center to Learning Commons - Stephanie Stieglitz, The Lane School 

Flip This Library: School Libraries Need a Revolution -

Together for Learning -

Start a Tech Club Stephanie Stieglitz and Michelle Logan, The Lane School

CPS Mobilary: Mobile Devices in the Library - Lisa Perez, CPS

Here Comes the Core!: Implications for the non-fiction collection - Betty Bush & Georgeann Burch 

CC AppendixB_TextExemplars.pdf 


Standard10_Measuring Text Complexity.pdf